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The Novosibirsk city public organization Dem Club has been created on March, 16, 1998 and has received the name in honour of oustanding ancient greek orator Demosthenes. Dem Club unites students of NSU being participants of the international student's movement "Parliamentary debates". Problems of movement - development of communicative skills of participants, formation of critical thinking, increase of political culture of youth and development of culture of parliamentarism. Dem Club from the moment of the creation is the organization constantly representing Novosibirsk within the framework of the international student's educational program Parliamentary debates which have already adjoined about three tens cities of Russia.

Dem Club carries out weekly Club of Parliamentary debates of NSU, annual competitions of oratorical skill among students, members of club actively participate in numerous to competitions on Debate in Russia and the world. Successes of members of club on Russian and international scene allow by right to rank Novosibirsk to leaders debates movements of Russia. Not casually in May, 2004 a member of advice of the organization Galina Grigorjevna Dubrovina has been elected the national coordinator of the program "Debate" in Russia. In 2001-2004 Dem the Club carries out a number of projects in the given direction:  Carrying out of the Open Siberian Cup on Parliamentary debates. The cup was carried out already three times: in 2002, 2003 and 2004. imposing appearance every year extends and the level of tournament grows. MGTU already took part in Cups student's debates teams from the Moscow State University, to them. Bauman visitors from near abroad teams from Kazakhstan, Kirgistan, Uzbekistan. Within the framework of the Cup of Siberia meetings with experts, debates and the conferences devoted to problems of formation, development of a civil society, participation of youth in political life of a society are annually carried out. The cup is widely shined in Novosibirsk mass media and is one of rod events of a youth forum spent by Novosibirsk state university "Mayovka - Interweek".   Annual carrying out of School of parliamentary debates for students of high schools of the Siberian federal district. The purpose of school is creation and maintenance in high schools of Novosibirsk and other cities of SFO student's debates the community ready level with Dem Club to participate in formation of a civil society and increase of political culture of youth of Russia. School have passed about three hundreds participants from ten Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Kemerovo, Altay universities.

The majority of them has actively joined in activity on achievement designated is above more whole, developing political activity and forming the realized civic stand of youth.    Numerous experimental platforms at conducting schools and grammar schools of Novosibirsk where trainers Dem Club train Club to debate of children of the senior school age. Such experimental platforms allow children to learn to express better the ideas, to get skills of the argued discussion, to receive the helpful information on political and public life of modern Russia. Game training format of platforms allows children to acquire better the received skills, to learn about their practical application and to take pleasure in educational process.   In December, 2004 Dem Club starts the unique project of teledebates between youth and representatives of authority. Political current - show Direct speech will weekly leave on state broadcasting company NST on the air, since December, 2004. Carrying out of developing and training trainings also is one of priorities in activity of the organization. Active customers of trainings Dem Club are Youth Parliament of Novosibirsk area, regional and regional committees on affairs of youth , student's actives and trade unions of some Novosibirsk high schools, management of a youth politics of Yamal-Nenets autonomous region. Culture of parliamentarism, drawing up and conducting projects, work in a team, activity , and, certainly, secrets of successful public statement only small part of those training programs which carries out Dem Club during already without small three years. For six years of work Dem Club carries out a number of the projects devoted to discussion of problems of a modern society (including questions of a youth politics). The basic kinds of the activity which is carried out by our organization in this direction are: the organization of public lectures and debate, carrying out of round tables, business games, seminars.

So, for example, Dem Club has organized cycles of the public lectures devoted to mutual relations of students and administration of High schools, to development of higher education, modern Russian democracy. In December, 1999 Dem Club began one of organizers of a round table on priorities of a youth politics and creation of youth parliament in Novosibirsk area; members Dem Club participated in Open debate concerning necessity of negotiating for the Chechen Republic (November 1999), about youth parliament as about the mechanism of representation of interests of youth (March 2001). In frameworks independently created Dem Club in 2003 of a format of public debate students of NSU had an opportunity to discuss the most actual problems of youth (employment of students, educational credits, the mortgage, professional army, activity of student's trade unions, etc.)

In a circle of experts and representatives of authority of a various level. The attention of Novosibirsk students annually involves spent Dem Club within the framework of the Cup of Siberia the round tables devoted to an actual problematics of a role of youth in creation of a civil society in Russia. In these round tables students and political, economic, public elite of Novosibirsk on equal participate in discussion of the ripened problems of modern Russia. Putting before itself wide problems of involving of youth in discussion of sharp socially political questions, giving students an opportunity to receive additional knowledge and skills, DemClub is not, nevertheless, neither the political organization, nor educational structure. The club also does not become isolated within the framework of movement "Debate". Dem Club is open for cooperation and will be glad to any offers connected to spheres of our activity.