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Dzhozev Heller

Few from existing educational technologies allow to combine reception of the various and interesting information with purchase of only practical communicative and oratorical skills; such skills which the pupil can already apply having crossed a threshold of a class room.

You sometime had to make serious decisions? Probably, yes. And whether you tried to formulate or even to write out separately arguments pro и contra and, having weighed each of them to come to a correct, conscious conclusion? The right and a duty to make of the decision - the privilege of the present free person. To bear the responsibility for the accepted decisions - a duty of everyone. Ability to think freely and variously to see a problem with different, frequently the opposite points of view, is a characteristic of the educated person, a member of a modern democratic society. The program "Debate" just allows to transfer in enough simple form to pupils the most valuable knowledge in a modern society and ability: skill to form, open and assert the position on the most various questions, ability to understand, analyze and convincingly to deny the point of view of the opponent. That is successfully to combine the main components of any educational process: Skill correctly to speak with skill correctly to listen.

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